Inflation and unemployment are the two most talked-about words in the contemporary society. These two are the big problems that plague all the economies. Almost everyone is sure that he knows what inflation exactly is, but it remains a source of great deal of confusion because it is difficult to define it unambiguously. Inflation is often defined in terms of its supposed causes.

Inflation exists when money supply exceeds available goods and services. Or inflation is attributed to budget deficit financing. A deficit budget may be financed by additional money creation. But the situation of monetary expansion or budget deficit may not cause price level to rise.

In other words, inflation is a state of rising price level, but not rise in the price level. It is not high prices but rising prices that constitute inflation.

It is an increase in the overall price level. A small rise in prices or a sudden rise in prices is not inflation since these may reflect the short term workings of the market. It is to be pointed out here that inflation is a state of disequilibrium when there occurs a sustained rise in price level. It is inflation if the prices of most goods go up. However, it is difficult to detect whether there is an upward trend in prices and whether this trend is sustained. That is why inflation is difficult to define in an unambiguous sense.

Suppose, in Decemberthe consumer price index was Thus the inflation rate during the last one year was As inflation is a state of rising prices, deflation may be defined as a state of falling prices but not fall in prices. Deflation is, thus, the opposite of inflation, i. Disinflation is a slowing down of the rate of inflation. As the nature of inflation is not uniform in an economy for all the time, it is wise to distinguish between different types of inflation.

Such analysis is useful to study the distributional and other effects of inflation as well as to recommend anti-inflationary policies.

Essay on Inflation: Types, Causes and Effects

Inflation may be caused by a variety of factors. Its intensity or pace may be different at different times. It may also be classified in accordance with the reactions of the government toward inflation. Being profit-making institutions, commercial banks sanction more loans and advances to the public than what the economy needs.

Such credit expansion leads to a rise in price level. The budget of the government reflects a deficit when expenditure exceeds revenue.Is inflation immoral? Inflation occurs when the price of ordinary goods go up and people can no longer buy the things they need with the same amount of money.

A general increase in the price levels is known as inflation.

Economic essays on inflation

According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer prices in the United States went up 1. This was so due to boost provided by robust gains in shelter combined with a smaller drop in energy prices and the lowest food cost in over six years. Figure 11 below highlights the trend in the US inflation in the last five years.

Inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services Investopedia. As inflation goes up, every dollar ends up buying a smaller percentage of goods and services and a decline in the purchasing power of money. The opposite of inflation would be deflation where the general level of prices keep falling.

As could be imagined there are negative effects of inflation including uncertainty in the economy and the possibility for domestic products to…. When thinking about problems in the economy, inflation may be one of the most popular topics.

However, deflation may be just as damaging, if not, more damaging than inflation. When deflation occurs, the consumer, the government, and the global economy are all effected.

Not all deflation cases are negative, but the ones that are negative are the ones that the policy makers have to focus on and try to prevent. Deflation comes in two different forms. One kind of deflation is malign deflation. Undoubtedly higher inflation will have a negative impact on the economy driving price levels higher then consumer wages are able to keep up with. The current inflation rate of. Inflation Calculator.

Inflation rates also…. Inflation comes from the latin word inflare, meaning to blow up or inflate. It was first used to describe the increase in the amount of money in The inflation from January was 1. Today, prices of everyday consumer goods are rising while the value of money is going down due to the rapid printing of money from our government. Returning to the gold standard could be the answer to this problem that we are looking for.

There are many pros and cons…. InJapan still maintains its rank as No. Japanese government should find a way to increase the growth of population, otherwise the ageing population will cause decrease in productivity. This is because ageing people tend to be less productive and consumptive compare to productive age between sixteen to fifty five years old.

To encourage the population growth, the government should give awards for every citizen who…. EpiPens are arguably one of the most important devices for those to carry who suffer from life-threatening allergies. Recent issues of price inflations revolving around the EpiPen have been beginning to surface in the media. This certain inflation has made the public more aware of the pharmaceutical world and the loopholes of pricing.

The issue of pricing in the pharmaceutical world is nothing new, but is also not very publicly known. Big name companies have been increasing their prices over the….Inflation refers to a continuous, general increase in the price of goods and services. Rise in prices is called inflation. Inflation at very fast rate is Hyper-Inflation, medium is Strato-Inflation and low lever is Creeping inflation.

During the recent years the rise has abnormal and it has endangered the stability of our economy nationally and individually. In Pakistan inflation has become an unending disease to our economy. Once a state is caught in the circle of inflation then it will be difficult for that state to get rid of it. There are various factors that contribute to the rise in prices. Some are natural factors like unfavorable weather conditions which affect the food production and lead to the shortage of commodities in the market.

With more money chasing fewer goods, the prices take to the wings. Besides this natural problem there are man-made problems like hoarding which contribute to the rapid increase in prices. The trading community which senses a shorting of certain commodities, especially the essential commodities, they resort to large scale hoarding.

They release the hoarding products after increase in the prices and make a neat margin over their investment in the hoarded products. They get so much profit but it waters inflation. The rise of prices in Pakistan can also be attribute to the despicable acts of traders. Their only motive is to get maximum profit and so they try to charge lots of money from the customers as much as possible.

This has created a class of people who are becoming richer day by day and the other class is becoming poorer. Hoarding is also playing a bad role in escalation of prices in the commodities.

One of the most important reasons for inflation is the deficit budgeting. In order to cover the gap Pakistan has been printing more paper currency because foreign aid and taxes can not cover up the deficit. Therefore there will be greater circulation of paper money. There will be hike in prices of domestic used products as the purchasing power of the people has increased.

Wrong taxation policy has also been responsible for the rise in prices. The hike in taxes results in greater desire to avoid taxes.

Essays on Inflation

Thus public takes wrong way of not paying taxes and there will be escalation in prices. The rate of interests has been increased in order to encourage savings and withdraw of currency.

The government is making efforts to increase industrial outputs so that the level of consumption is leveled with that of output. But unfortunately the government has not met with success in getting rid of inflation.

The rise in prices goes non-stopped, some suggest that there should be demonetization of currency, but the government thinks that it is an irregular method and will create doubts in the minds of the public about the stability of the government. The rise in the prices of petrol has affected the prices in our country. So we have to import a huge amount of oil every year. Moreover no step has been taken against the traders who are mainly responsible for unreasonable rise in the prices. I want to get you on facebook for more help in future.UK inflation since Definition — Inflation — Inflation is a sustained rise in the cost of living and average price level.

Causes Inflation — Inflation is caused by excess demand in the economy, a rise in costs of production, rapid growth in the money supply. Costs of Inflation — Inflation causes decline in value of savings, uncertainty, confusion and can lead to lower investment. It is calculated by finding a typical basket of goods.

Giving a weighting to goods and measuring price changes every year. Problems measuring inflation — why it can be hard to measure inflation with changing goods. Different types of inflation — cost-push inflation, demand-pull inflation, wage-price spiral, How to solve inflation. Policies to reduce inflation, including monetary policy, fiscal policy and supply-side policies.

Trade off between inflation and unemployment. Is there a trade-off between the two, as Phillips Curve suggests? The relationship between inflation and the exchange rate — Why high inflation can lead to a depreciation in the exchange rate. What should the inflation target be?

Monetarist Theory — Monetarist theory of inflation emphasises the role of the money supply. Criticisms of Monetarism — A look at whether the monetarist theory holds up to real-world scenarios. Can we have economic growth without inflation?

Predicting inflation Link between inflation and interest rates Should low inflation be the primary macroeconomic objective? See also notes on Unemployment. Our site uses cookies so that we can remember you, understand how you use our site and serve you relevant adverts and content. Click the OK button, to accept cookies on this website. OK and Continue to the site Privacy policy.Haven't found the right essay? Get an expert to write your essay! Get your paper now.

Professional writers and researchers. Sources and citation are provided. Essays on Inflation. The Grade Inflation Inflation 1 Page. The occurrence of grade inflation is affecting the quality of education throughout the system. A lot of students, at every level of education, are promoted to higher grades even though they are unqualified for that grade. Grade inflation is quite similar to the concept of Inflation 1 Page.

Venezuela is not the best place to do business. Inflation is so high that menu costs—ordinarily insignificant—would be high. The government has cut ties with the IMF, and does not want to switch to a more stable currency to prevent further inflation, like what Zimbabwe Economics Inflation 1 Page.

What is inflation?

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Inflation is a process of continuous increase in the price of most goods and services in a country. This does not necessarily mean that all prices increase.

essays on inflation

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